Passing the Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP) Certification Exam the First Time

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Project management is critical. Research shows about 60% of projects fail. Our book explores common project management problems, and provides practical solutions!

Businesses must produce new products or services, meet demand, effectively market goods, etc. These goals depend on effective project management!

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This book has three objectives.  First, simplify project management to enable you to satisfy project time, cost, and scope.  Second, present practical approaches keying on application over theory.  Third, highlight examples you can immediately apply.

Use this book as a primary source document, as your “learning bench” – write notes, add highlights, etc.  Use the book as a primary text for a course, for informal learning, or as your primary reference.  Each chapter is stand-alone and provides value.

We refer to “You” throughout this book.  You must manage and deliver projects successfully.  Because you are accountable, and we want you to be successful—this book is for YOU!


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